An Update On Our Name

As many of you already know, Dynamic Office Products and Alberta Printer Service are a singular company. We are owned and operated by the same staff, run out of the same building, and function as a singular entity. This came about a few years ago, when Dynamic Office Products had the opportunity to purchase Alberta Printer Service and add their experience and expertise to our team.

To this end, Alberta Printer Service is just a brand name at this point, and we’re going to start to shift our branding to reflect our parent company, Dynamic Office Products. This will be a gradual shift that will occur over the next few weeks, or even months; many of our customers know us only by Dynamic Office Products, however, there are a handful that recognize Alberta Printer Service. Predominantly, our Facebook page has underwent a name change to become “Dynamic Office Products Alberta Printer Service”. Kind of a mouthful, I know, but eventually, it will be shortened.

If all of this sounds a little confusing, and you’re asking yourself “how does this affect me and my business”, the good news is that it doesn’t! All the same personnel, same experience, and same leadership operate as one, so whichever brand you’re more familiar with, you will continue to get the same great service.

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