Explaining How Buying a Cheaper Printer Could End Up More Costly in the Long Run

About a week ago, I was talking to a customer looking to upgrade his printer. His old one had given him several years of good service, but it was now time for a new one. After some discussion, we decided that an Epson Inkjet printer would suit his needs best. The only question was now – which model? After some further discussion, we eventually narrowed down our option to two printers – an Epson WorkForce WF-8690, priced at $1499, and another, smaller machine that sold for less than $200.

Seems like a no-brainer as to which one our customer decided to take, right?

Well actually, not so much.

After doing some research into the different types of inks that these printers took, we were able to deduce that while the smaller Epson model was indeed substantially cheaper on the surface, the inks for that printer were built to last for only 300 pages before running out – per color. The inks were $44 each to replace EACH, or $100 for a pack of four. $44 for 300 pages worked out to be about 60 cents per page anytime you ever printed anything from this printer.

Conversely, the WF-8690 uses Epson T912 series ink – more expensive initially at $159 for the black ink and $126 per color for the color inks… until you realize that a single color ink cartridge lasts you 4,600 pages, while black ink lasts a whopping 5,800 pages.

To put that in perspective, by the time that one of these T912 color cartridges has run out, our customer would have had to replace the smaller Epson’s color cartridges over 15 times each, which at $100 for a set of four, or $44 each, is pretty staggering – it’s the cost of the WF-8690 actually, and that’s just for colors.

Needless to say, our customer chose to go with the WF-8690.

Something to think about for anyone that does a consistent amount of printing in their office that sometimes the cheapest option isn’t always actually the cheapest option.

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