Our Policy on BPA, and Ensuring Our Thermal Rolls are BPA-Free


BPA, or Bisphenol A, is a chemical used in plastic manufacturing to harden plastics. In 2008, there was information published on how it could be very harmful to people (read here for more info). This lead us to wonder how the thermal paper rolls used in receipt printing were being manufactured. There was a concern that thermal receipt paper may use BPA in the creation of the thermal paper or in the cores that the paper is wrapped around.

After some initial discussion with our manufacturers, we decided the best way forward was to create a line of thermal paper that they knew for sure was BPA free. After double checking with their suppliers and chemical providers, our manufacturers were able to assure us that none of the paper that they produced used BPA, so we stopped the sale of our higher priced BPA Free Paper and instead labeled our standard thermal receipt paper XWP-T220 as BPA FREE.

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